Chris Whonsetler ‘WhonPhoto’

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My full name is Christopher Robert Whonsetler, friends call me Chris, and children in Guatemala call me WhonPhoto. Take your pick.
I’m a fairly sarcastic down to earth kind of guy with big ideas & ambitions. I will never be able to see enough of the world, I am always thinking about my next trip. A bit of a coffee snob, my favorite beans come from a friends family plantation in Guatemala. Treat me nice and I may give you a pound! I love to cook, am jealous of great painters and musicians, and most importantly love my wife Stephanie with all my heart!
Since university I’ve been doing the freelance photo thing around the world. Photography is my way of revealing the way I see the world. Although photographers capture what already exists, how we choose to light and capture our subject matter stems from our personalities, and it is very evident in the images.
My goals as a photographer are to connect with businesses and help visually brand who they are, what they do, and where they do it. I love working with small business owners who aren’t afraid of doing things a little unorthodox. Together we will create images that scream your message and populate your marketing & advertising with the personality of your business.

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