Studio Fine Print

Required Liability Release Form

– Please fill out and send prior to your studio time. 

Indianapolis Liability Release Form

Fine Print

– Elements Collective reserves the right to decline a request based on one or more of the following reasons; our availability, future studio schedule, nature of the rental, and the history of the artist requesting rental.
– We currently require the presence of Chris or another approved studio manager on site at every shoot. We will respect the privacy of a model if he/she is changing in the studio, but otherwise will be present at all times. This is to protect our liabilities to the building, our gear, and each of our businesses. This is non-negotiable.
– Your session begins the moment you arrive on site and finishes when you leave. You are expected to leave the studio in the same condition you found it. All gear put away neatly, floors swept and any trash picked up.
– There is no smoking allowed in our building.
– By agreeing to the hourly rate and reserving a time slot to rent the studio you are agreeing to take on full liability for all of your personal equipment, equipment belonging to those you bring to the studio, the equipment currently on location, any damages to the building you may cause, and the mental and physical well being of any persons you bring to the studio. By agreeing to the price and reserving a time slot, you are consenting to the release of liability of Elements Collective, Studio Manager Chris Whonsetler and building owner Turner John Management Co. and accepting any and all liability from any damages to equipment or physical injury / state of mind to all people you invite to the studio.
– If you have a question about any of the fine print, please contact Chris.